Women’s Drug Rehab – Detoxification Just the First Stage

Today’s programs for women who are addicted to how much does drug rehab cost an emphasis on physiological factors. Detoxification is used on the women to get rid of their addictive substances.

What happens next? What happens after this stage? A number of experts believe that it isn’t quite resolved. According to many experts, detoxification could be only the start of an addiction-related series of steps.

For a recovery to be complete, all addictions must be addressed in the rehab framework. It is important that the rehabilitation program addresses the psychological, physical, and emotional issues which underlie drug dependency. A recovery program also needs to predict the withdrawal syndrome that occurs when the addicted substance leaves the body.

The emphasis placed on holistic recovery, especially for programs for women, is crucial, because both doctors and therapists believe that the addiction of women stems from emotional issues, not just from physical dependence.

It is impossible to achieve a holistic recovery in anything but a peaceful and comfortable environment. This setting should promote personal growth, discovery and the learning of healthy ways to deal with stress. The goal of a drug rehab for women is to help them become more functional in society.