Mobile Home Foundation repair: Ensure stability and longevity

Because of their flexibility, affordability and mobility, mobile homes have been a highly popular form of housing. To maintain the structural integrity of mobile homes, they require routine maintenance. Mobile home foundation repair is one of the most important aspects of maintenance. In this article we’ll discuss mobile home foundation repair, including the issues they can cause and what steps to take.

Understanding Mobile Home Foundations

Mobile homes are typically supported by one of three foundation types: pier and beam or concrete slab. The foundation provides the stability of the building and helps to prevent structural damage. Over time soil movement and water damage as well as improper installation may cause foundation issues.

Common Foundation Issues

Settle and Shift: A mobile home may settle or move due to the changes in soil below the foundation. This may lead to unlevel floors, walls that are cracked, or misaligned glass and doors.

Moisture: A foundation that is too wet can rot. Mold growth may also occur. Support beams will deteriorate. This can be a problem in high-humidity areas and those with bad drainage.

Poor Installation: When a mobile is not installed properly, the foundation may be unstable. A mobile home can have an unstable foundation if it is not installed properly.

Mobile Home Foundation Maintenance:

Inspection: Conducting a comprehensive inspection will help you identify any foundation problems. You may need to hire a contractor with experience in foundations for mobile homes. This contractor will identify and assess any damages.

Repair Plan: Based upon inspection findings, a contractor will design a tailored repair plan for the mobile home. These may include re-leveling, strengthening the foundation and addressing moisture issues.

In the event that your mobile home is tilted or has settled down, you will need to stabilize it and adjust its level. This usually requires hydraulic jacks for raising the home and then adjusting piers or feet.

Moisture Control – To avoid further damage it’s vital to tackle any issues related to moisture. The solution may include improving drainage or fixing leaks.

To strengthen the foundation, it may sometimes be necessary to provide additional support. To achieve this, you can use methods like adding concrete feetings, steel piers, and reinforcing the existing support beams.