Local SEO Services To Promote Local Businesses

Since a few months ago, I had been trying to place my Denver Colorado restaurant in the top pages of Google Places Yahoo Local Bing. My problems were solved when I discovered local SEO. Visit local seo Houston before reading this.

The company I chose to work with provided local SEO. After my SEO team evaluated my business to determine its current visibility and issues, it presented me with SEO packages that contained a range of tactics designed for my website’s search engine ranking and increased traffic. Take a look at what these strategies did to help promote my business.

Local Directory Sites. To improve local search engine results, SEO makes use of listing sites for local terms (e.g. The optimization of local search engine results is done by Yellow Pages. Yahoo. Google. Bing. This SEO Company helped me increase the rankings of my local business listings. As a result, whenever someone looks for Denver data about my business and searches on any of the sites, information stored by these companies appears in top results.

Due to increased online visibility, local customers are now visiting my website more often, and this is helping me to grow my brand. To promote my business, the service provider I hired selected local listing sites that were approved by Google.

Building inbound links is part of the local SEO service. To comply with Google’s Penguin update, the SEO firm I hired took special care to link to my site from reputable sites that contained content pertinent to my company. It was then that I realised the importance of relevance, as search engines use the backlinks in order to determine the keywords. Also, link speed is important. It’s the rate at which links are built. Google may consider spammy links if the SEO team builds backlinks at an unnatural pace. In addition to these tactics, they used other activities such as article submissions, social bookmarking or forum postings. The use of keyword variations, brand text and other strategies was used to achieve better results.

Social Media Promotion. To drive traffic to my website, my service provider employed social media promotion strategies. They set up my social network profile, including Facebook, Twitter Google+ and others, to draw customers locally. Posts were shared via buttons such as ‘Like, Share or Follow’. In addition to driving more traffic organically to my website as Google and other search engines show results from sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many others, these profiles can also be found on social media. The SEO team promoted my business through the creation of videos and photos that showcased my restaurant. These were then shared via YouTube and Pinterest.

This social media campaign maximizes marketing opportunities by using the various features of social networking sites, such as contests, paid advertisements and Google+’s business pages. It is my opinion that using one particular social network for marketing (Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing), will help you promote your company online.

Online Advertisement

Pay per Click Advertising (paying a search engine money to place your website above the search results on their search page) is widely regarded as an efficient way of marketing online. Reasons for this include its simplicity, high Return On Investment (ROI), and increased traceability. PPC, otherwise known as geotargeted PPC by the SEO team, was provided to my business. Due to the focus on Denver, more customers from my local area visited my website. For my PPC geo-targeting, both focus keywords and open-ended ones were used.