What to do if your combi boiler breaks down?

You will soon find that you have no hot water or heating if your combi boiler fails. It can come as a surprise to many people, since we take heating and hot water for granted. You will need to use other methods to stay warm, and perform basic household tasks like bathing until the plumber can fix it. It can be especially worrying if you are a parent with a small family. Here are some ideas and tips on how to stay warm while you wait for the plumber:

1. Wear WINTER clothes and layer up!

Layering your clothes may seem obvious, but it is important. You are happy to layer up when you’re going out into the snow. Two pairs of socks and two jumpers. A hat, gloves, etc. Why not try this in the house as well? It might look a little strange to wear a woolly cap around the house, but you will find it much harder to tolerate if it is freezing cold.

Wear your winter clothes. Get out the cardigans from the back and get the children to put on their hats.

The convenience of constant heating and hot water has led to a reduction in the number of people who wear winter clothes. Some people wear t-shirts in winter because they know that the heater is running full force.

You will be warmer if you dress for the winter.

2. Combine body heat and reduce drafts!

To prevent cold drafts from entering, block the bottom of your doors using rolled-up towels. Closing all the doors will help to keep your family warm. Close all doors and group the whole family together in one room. If you are able to, close the drapes. This will help retain heat. Grab the throws, blankets and pillows and cuddle up to the couch for a film. All of you will feel warmer by huddling together. This will also keep your children warm.

3. Heat up!

What? What? You do have heat – just turn on your oven. Start cooking something that will require the oven to be turned on, such as a roast dinner. To add a bit more heat, gather the family around the stove while it is cooking. Bring in some chairs and enjoy the heat that the oven creates. While you’re at it, put on the kettle!

After cooking, open the door of the oven to let any heat that is left into the kitchen. This will keep the food warm for a bit longer. Make sure that any children are in an area where they will be safe.

4. How to layer your bedding

You might get a rude awakening if you are forced to go through a day or night without heating. It was not pleasant. You will understand what it’s like to be without heating in the winter if you’ve ever gone camping. It’s cold.

The temperature drops even further at night, so make sure you layer blankets and towels on the top of your beds. You can wear a cap to bed if it is necessary. It’s also a great idea to wear a sweater over your PJs. When layering a bed for a child, you must be careful to avoid overheating.

Here are some simple ways to keep your family warm. Hopefully, you’ll be able to turn on the heating again soon.

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